Cocktail innovations from Stillabunt add a touch of magic to your drinks. Ignited by a desire for creativity and a passion for flawless quality. Made with 100% natural ingredients, selected with extreme care by our researchers, for a delightful surprise, and safe, practical ingredients that empower you to create on a new level. This is the unmistakable Stillabunt touch.



Drops of magic


Enchanting, velvety foam for over 600 drinks

Magic Velvet Foamer is the first product born from the Stillabunt philosophy. A revolutionary, totally vegan and alcohol-free creation for over 600 cocktails. Magic Velvet totally replaces the use of egg white, with much lower costs and impeccable safety.

Thanks to its game-changing characteristics, Magic Velvet Foamer won the Barawards 2021 international award for innovation.


Ready-to-use natural flavours

Stillabunt Bitters are natural flavouring compounds capable of giving your cocktails an irresistibly delicate touch. Every drop is a concentrate of flavour and aroma which enhances the unique taste of your creation. “Drops of magic” is the perfect description for these exquisite ingredients.

100% plant-based, suitable for vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher diets. Do not contain allergens. Gluten free.


An immersive aura

Essences of Stillabunt are food / drink finishers of excellence. Completely natural, they do not alter the flavour or scent of your creations, but enhance them by surrounding them in a magical scented aura – a gentle spray cloud, composed of micro-drops that create a fascinating and enveloping olfactory environment around the glass or plate. An additional note of idiosyncrasy to transform a moment of taste into a total sensory experience. This is the spell of Stillabunt Essences.

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